FreeSWITCH Call Center Framework
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Applications which allow monitoring of FreeSWITCH, plus management and administration
of FreeSWITCH's mod_callcenter queue routing.


 * Agent Ribbon - for agents to see current calls, transfer them, set themselves
   Ready/Wrap-Up and Available/On-Break/Logged Out in mod_callcenter

 * Real-Time Manager View - for managers to see what their agents are doing, as well
   as change agents' status/state and eavesdrop calls

 * Mod_Callcenter Admin - For adding agents to mod_callcenter, and manipulating Tiers

On The Way:
 * Report Interface

 * TinyCdr Integration

 * TinyDialer predictive/interactive dialing

 * FXC - Full FreeSWITCH configuration framework

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