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Progress / Status Notes

See the status Wiki Page for latest details, or follow my lunatic ramblings on Twitter as @rubyjedi

“acts_as_web_service” behavior

You must now explicitly add acts_as_web_service to each Controller that implements a Web Service. This is a good design change (thanks, pelle), as it avoids polluting other controllers with AWS-specific methods like wsdl().

Work In Progress

While I’m confident in what’s been done here, keep in mind that this is still a work in progress. All but 1 of the original regression tests pass under Ruby 1.8. The failing test has to do with Automatic APIs, and is a result of the “acts_as_web_service” behavior.

I am currently hammering out Ruby 1.9 issues both here, and in Soap4R – with the majority of my effort being spent on Soap4R at the moment.

My goal is to merge all the various enhancements made available in the GitHub Community, and ensure sure the merged results continue to work properly with Rails 2.3 under Ruby 1.8, 1.9, and JRuby.