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Laurence A. Lee rubyjedi


  • @rubyjedi 290ff10
    Update travis.yml - "Unsupport" Ox Parser 1.8.7 (try2)
  • @rubyjedi b4732cb
    Update travis.yml - "Unsupport" Ox Parser 1.8.7
rubyjedi merged pull request rubyjedi/soap4r#9
fix TestMultiFault
1 commit with 4 additions and 4 deletions
rubyjedi commented on pull request rubyjedi/soap4r#9

Thanks for the PR contribution -- I will look at it in more detail as I have more time later this week. For some reason, Travis CI reports a build…

rubyjedi commented on issue rubyjedi/soap4r#11

Have you tried running it when Soap4R is installed under Bundler and a Gemfile -- i.e. "bundle exec" and your ruby invocation command? "xsd/mapping…

rubyjedi commented on issue rubyjedi/soap4r#10

To be honest, it is a challenge to serialize a ruby object into XML in a way that's compliant with the structure laid out in an XSD. There is some …

  • @rubyjedi cbbc9cb
    Freshen up to work with more recent Gem versions
  • a3bd281
    2015-Oct-19: Refresh the gemspec (hopefully) for modern Bundler requi…
@rubyjedi master is now 7418c45
  • @rubyjedi 9b25502
    Try to get rid of duplicate dependency message.
rubyjedi pushed to pushk at rubyjedi/fog
  • @rubyjedi b7d8a83
    Update net-scp to ~1.2.1 for legacy compatibility.
rubyjedi created branch pushk at rubyjedi/fog
  • @rubyjedi 9b890c0
    Removed routing constraint for secret length
  • @rubyjedi cab647b
    Removing size-validation of Secret
  • @rubyjedi 927422a
    Declared set_defaults() as PUBLIC
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