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  • rails asset pipeline gem: thanks to
  • Block.supportMultipleArgs


  • Add Block classes to handle different block arities


  • Created npm module

0.7.2 bugfix release for Enumerable


  • Bugfix: Enumerable#min, #max do not return wrapped value.
  • Improvements for Enumerable#min_by, #max_by, #min, #max
  • Bugfix: Make Enumerable#sort throw ArgumentError for mixed elements.


  • Array cleanup, replacing R([]) with new R.Array([]) (optimization)

2012-12-03. 0.7.1

  • new R.Array() accepts recursive flag
  • Perf: less argument splatting in new R.Enumerator() and #to_enum
  • Bug: String#upto includes last element when not passing a block.
  • R.pollute_global() adds convenience methods to global namespace: puts, proc, truthy, falsey, inspect
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