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Peatio 1.9.0 (August 9, 2018)


We are pleased to present Peatio Open Source 1.9.0.

This release includes significant new features, numerous functional fixes and enhancements. Peatio 1.9.0 came out with a rewrite of Blockchain synchronisation daemon solving major design flaw of old original Peatio. Multi-tier wallet system is another great implemented feature helping achieve digital funds protection by using wallets segregation with specific access policies and flexible multi-signature settings. Among the other nice features such as Admin Interface for advanced Blockchain/Wallet management, this release is also focused on:

1. Multi Wallet support.
2. New Blockchain synchronization mechanism.
3. Full ERC20 tokens support.
4. Splitting of Blockchain read and write Services and Clients.

This release notes is must-read for migrating from older versions.

Breaking changes

New features

  • #1404: This pull request provides bunch of functional features and fixes:

    • Blockchain model and Database seeding

    • Adding wallet seeding

    • Adding wallet model

    • Fix STI problem

    • Add missing associations

    • Fix indexes order

    • Adding factories and a test stub

    • BlockchainService #process_blockchain deposits with proof of work #1417

    • Ability to register a blockchain/wallet from Admin Panel #1422

    • Revert some changes (related to #1422)

    • Single BlockchainService per Blockchain #1424

    • Added Wallet/Blockchain validations #1429

    • Confirm withdrawals in BlockchainService #process_blockchain #1427

    • Rebase on master

    • Bitcoin Blockchain Service #1444

    • Improve BlockchainService logger. Wallet & Blockchain bugfixes #1474

    • Add Blockchain Key In Currency #1473

    • Remove CoinAPI & daemons. Rename Client to BlockchainClient #1476

    • BlockchainService improve performance

    • Fix specs

    • Replace Confirmation With Block Number #1463

    • Add gateway & max_balance to wallets #1478

    • Wallet per currency

    • WalletService module and WalletService::Base class #1479

    • DepositCollectionFees worker for ERC20 #1489

    • Litecoin/Dash/BitcoinCash Blockchain Services #1475

    • Updates for admin panel #1501

    • Fix erc20 deposit for tx with empty receipt #1502

    • Fix wrong client for existing blockchain on admin panel #1504

    • Bitgo wallet Client/Service #1491

    • Fixed withdraw stuck in confirming #1507

    • Improved dynamic txn fees for bitcoind/bitgo #1509

    • Feature/blockchains wallets #1510

  • #1368: Add 24 hours currency trades API endpoint.

    This patch adds public call for getting currency trades performed within the last 24h: GET /v2/currency/trades.

    Check more info at docs/api/

  • #1433: Add API endpoint for currencies.

    This patch adds public call for getting the list of currencies: GET /v2/currencies.

    Check more info at docs/api/

  • #1501: Updates for admin panel.

    This patch gives the ability to to register a blockchain/wallet from Admin Panel.

  • #1463: Replace Confirmation With Block Number.

    This patch replaces confirmations field in withdraw and currency model with block_number. So confirmations amount is updated dynamically.

  • #1460: Support minimum price for Order.

  • #1318: Send label when generating BitGo address.


  • #1377: Document every daemon.

    The list and purpose of each Peatio daemon is described in docs/

  • #1342: Ability to get data between some time interval (time_from, time_to) in GET /api/v2/k.

  • #1493: Add more details for the API docs.

  • #1517: Improved updation of blockchain height.


  • #1450: Change Default Domain To

  • #1526: Change Currency Id And Market Id Limit.

  • #1402: Fix migration multiple_deposit_addresses.

  • #1492: Fix typo in documentation.

  • #1529: Code polish and minor bugfix.

  • #1518: Currencies dead code clean up.

  • #1533: Edit comments in templates for wallets.yml.