An app to make diversifying conferences easier!
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This is a Ruby on Rails app made by the RubyMonstas (a RailsGirls study group based in Berlin), to make diversifying conferences easier.

Supported by the Travis Foundation.

Contributing workflow

If you want to contribute, you can look at the open issues. We are happy to answer your questions if you consider to help.

If you have other ideas to enhance the site, or if you've found a bug, feel free to open an issue!

Here’s how we suggest you go about proposing a change to this project:

  1. Fork this project to your account.
  2. Create a branch for the change you intend to make.
  3. Make your changes to your fork.
  4. Test your changes. To run the tests bundle exec rake
  5. Send a pull request from your fork’s branch to our master branch.
    • For bonus points, include screenshots in the description.

Using the web-based interface to make changes is fine too, and will help you by automatically forking the project and prompting to send a pull request.

Build setup

This following text describes how to set up your workstation to develop for diversity tickets.

  1. Check that you have the correct ruby version:
  2. open a new Terminal window
  3. ruby --version # --> ruby 2.4.3
  4. Install bundler by running gem install bundler
  5. Run bundle install to install the dependencies specified in your Gemfile
  6. Postgresql setup
  7. for OS X:
  8. in your terminal, run:
  9. createuser -s pguser
  10. psql postgres
  11. postgresql console is now opened.
  12. Enter \password pguser
  13. Enter the password pguser_password (twice)
  14. when done, quit the postgresql console with \q
  15. for Ubuntu:
  16. in your terminal, run:
  17. sudo -u postgres createuser -s pguser
  18. sudo -u postgres psql
  19. postgresql console is now opened.
  20. Enter \password pguser
  21. Enter the password pguser_password (twice)
  22. when done, quit the postgresql console with \q
  23. Update the config/database.yml
  24. add this to the default group:
    host: localhost
    username: pguser
    password: pguser_password
  25. Change the names of the databases to:
  26. Run rake db:create to create the database.