Location app for women poetry slammers in the German speaking scene
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Slam Alphas App

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This repo is the open source code for the interactive map of Slam Alphas, a collective of women poetry slam artists in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

For a project overview of the Github issues, please refer to our Waffle Board.



Ruby 2.5.1, Postgres


Ruby 2.5.1, Postgres and Redis

Credentials for production

env.SAMPLE and .env

  1. copy the env.SAMPLE into your .env like this $cp env.SAMPLE .env
  2. after the creation of the .env file fill in your credentials and comment out all the parts you are currently not using
  3. in order to get the production credentials for your .env file you could for example run in the terminal (make sure to be in the project directory: $ heroku config -> This should then show you the credentials that is associated with our current production database configs on heroku
  4. now make sure to not check this file into git by putting .env to the file .gitignore
  5. Some gems require to load the credentials first before they can execute (e.g. fog/aws), means we need to make sure the .env file is loaded before those gems are running, e.g. by using a gem like dotenv

Running it locally

Clone this repo and cd into it.

Run $ bundle install to install dependencies.

Run $ rake db:setup to create and seed the database and run migrations. If you get an error make sure you have Postgres installed and running. Maybe you also need to check credentials in config/database.yml.

Run $ rails s to start the local development server.