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Rubymotion Community

A collection of open source projects for RubyMotion, by and for the community!


Commonly useful extensions to the standard library for RubyMotion

Updated Apr 11, 2016


Cocoa wrappers and helpers for RubyMotion (Ruby for iOS and OS X) - Making Cocoa APIs more Ruby like, one API at a time. Fork away and send your pull requests

Updated Jan 25, 2016


Some sugar for your cocoa. RubyMotion helpers.

Updated Dec 5, 2015


IB Outlets for rubymotion

Updated Sep 1, 2015


Cocos2D & Box2D Wrapper for Ruby Motion - Currently out of date an unmaintained :-(

Updated Dec 13, 2014

Ruby 3 4


BubbleWrap's (now deprecated) HTTP library

Updated Aug 29, 2014

What should we use this for??

Updated Jun 18, 2014

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