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base fork: rubymotion/BubbleWrap
base: v0.3.1
head fork: rubymotion/BubbleWrap
compare: v0.4.0
Commits on Jun 02, 2012
@jamesotron jamesotron Initial pass at refactoring 'require' to make it reusable for other g…
@jamesotron jamesotron remove old comments. 8377ad8
@jamesotron jamesotron Start adding test coverage for lib/ b7a6c58
Commits on Jun 04, 2012
@jamesotron jamesotron Now works when being used from inside other gems. 314b909
@jamesotron jamesotron Add support for adding a framework requirement for each file. d140a42
@supermarin supermarin Added some initiate_request tests 3578edc
@jamesotron jamesotron Add underscore and constantize. 25d5092
@mattetti mattetti updated the README b0df1d4
@jamesotron jamesotron Split core and HTTP. c4f503f
@jamesotron jamesotron Finalise splitting core and http. 4751a2f
@jamesotron jamesotron Fix broken string spec. a1adb87
@jamesotron jamesotron Split specs along with implementations. 917aa6b
@jamesotron jamesotron Rename app to motion. 044ece8
@jamesotron jamesotron Merge wip-splitsville onto master. 7101fc3
@jamesotron jamesotron Update documentation. afd071b
Commits on Jun 05, 2012
@jamesotron jamesotron Complete spec coverage for BubbleWrap::Requirement ae5d33c
@jamesotron jamesotron Include 'motion/' in rdoc directories. 51c91bd
@jamesotron jamesotron Make sure that app.files includes the local application if present. 56558fc
@supermarin supermarin Merge branch 'master' of
@supermarin supermarin Merge branch 'master' of 10830a6
@supermarin supermarin fixed the require codeblock 930d8c7
@jamesotron jamesotron Curse you $:! Closes #44. ac6970a
@supermarin supermarin Merge branch 'master' of b7c0b8e
@mattetti mattetti fixed the build/test suite a0fcba9
@mattetti mattetti getting ready for the release 6574aa6
@mattetti mattetti fixed the relative files dependencies issue ebc3ab2
@jamesotron jamesotron Fix the relative dependency issue once and for all. 0ca9867
@jamesotron jamesotron Work around for magically changing app names on different development…
… environments.
@jamesotron jamesotron When requiring submodules directly we need to have lib/bubble-wrap.rb…
… loaded (makes sense). Should fix #46.
@jamesotron jamesotron Split the actual BubbleWrap module into bubble-wrap/loader so that we…
… don't need to require bubble-wrap for all the submodules (if that makes sense).
@jamesotron jamesotron Remove hard dependency on motion/core.rb . Closes #35 (tested). db69203
@mattetti mattetti removed duplicated methods 5387bde
@mattetti mattetti updated the README 6c6a671
@mattetti mattetti fixed a syntax error in the README 4a6c49e