Ruby and or Rails Companies in NZ

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Here is a list of companies in NZ who use Ruby and/or Rails day to day. This could be helpful for job hunters.

This list is probably out of date.
Listings here do not represent endorsement by the Ruby NZ community.

Name Location(s)
90Seconds Auckland
Abletech Wellington
Boost Wellington
Comprehensive Care Auckland
Flick Electric Co. Wellington
Flux Federation (Powershop) Wellington
GeoOp Auckland
Goodnest Auckland
Harmoney Auckland
Hashbang Wellington
IVHQ New Plymouth & Auckland
Lil Regie Wellington & Auckland
Loyalty NZ (Fly Buys) Wellington & Auckland
Melon Health Wellington
NZX Wellington
Optimal Workshop Wellington
ora Auckland
PaperKite Wellington
PocketSmith Dunedin, Thames, remote
Rabid Technologies Wellington & Auckland
Radio NZ Wellington
Redshield Wellington
Sailthru (Carnival) Wellington, New York, San Francisco
Springload Wellington
Stembolt Christchurch, Canada, Germany
Storypark Wellington
ThunderMaps Wellington
Trineo Christchurch, Auckland, Sydney, Boulder
vWork Auckland
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