OMR JIT glue code implementing a Ruby JIT
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The Ruby+OMR Just-In-Time Compiler

This repository contains the Ruby-specific JIT glue code that combines with the Eclipse OMR to form a Just-In-Time compiler for Ruby.

Read more about the Ruby+OMR Preview in the rubyomr-preview repo.

Current Status

This JIT compiler currently only supports a specially modified version of Ruby 2.2, and currently exercises only a small fraction of the optimizations that exist in OMR.


Currently this JIT has only been built and tested on Linux, x86, POWER, and z/Architecture (s390x).

Currently, the OMR JIT doesn't support OS X, however an issue is open.


Building this JIT requires

  1. A copy of the CRuby source code, modified with the OMR JIT interface. We currently have a copy of said VM in the Ruby+OMR Preview Github organization.

    Branches that support building against this JIT, have the current repository added as a submodule.

  2. A copy of the Eclipse OMR project. This too should exist as a submodule in one of the branches of the VM above.

Recent Talks

  • Matthew Gaudet's talk at RubyKaigi 2015 Experiments in sharing Java VM technology with CRuby -- (slides) (video)