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== Beast -  Two's company. Three's a forum. More's a Beast.

A small, light-weight forum in Rails with a scary name and a goal of around 500 lines of code when we're done. [1]

[1] The 500 LOC limit has officially been put to rest (, however the goal is unchanged: clean, readable code, and a great minimal forum app.  Less is more.

== How to Obtain Beast

Grab the latest:

svn checkout beast

Customize your database.yml:

cp config/database.example.yml config/database.yml

Load the schema:

rake db:schema:load

(You cannot use rake db:migrate to migrate the schema up from 0)

Change the PASSWORD_SALT in config/environment.rb.

Launch it:


== Optional Gems

get RedCloth for using Textile in Ruby

gem install RedCloth

get OpenID for OpenID logins:

gem install ruby-openid

get GetText for Translation support

== References

Backpack project page

Installing on Windows Guide

#beastforum on freenode

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