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What is it?

This is a SaaS project that intend to help agile teams through the a KanBan-like dashboard to manage projects, tasks and teams.


This code is free to be used under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

Bugs, Issues, Kudos and Catcalls

Comments are welcome. Send your feedback through the issue tracker on GitHub


We have a list of contributors. Check them all at: Contributors

Suggested features:

  • Organization account
  • Team members CRUD
  • Project CRUD
    • Show project status
  • User story CRUD
    • User Story has a total of tasks points
    • Show Finished Stories
    • Group Stories
    • Attach files to Stories
    • A Story may be accepted or not
    • Add Acceptance testing to a Story
  • Task CRUD
    • User Story has many tasks
    • Each Task has status (done, new, assigned, etc)
    • Each Task has type (feature, bug, etc)
    • Each Task may has a owner
  • Define Product Backlog
  • Define Sprint Backlog
  • Define workflow
  • Priorize user stories
  • Team velocity
  • Show burndown chart

To discuss

  1. Organizations will have a limit of projects
  2. Projects will have a max number of users
  3. Change Story priority after starts the sprint
  4. Define de DOD (Do Of Done) for a project
  5. Pair programing for teams
  6. Team alert for new entries on a User Story
  7. Use github API to use github issues as Startrack task syncing
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