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This is an idea that came up during a break at a daylong session at Lone Star Ruby Conference and I quick registered the domain name. I thought it would be fun to find people who are willing to pair program in your area. So this is this start of such a project. Hopefully I can find others to help me with it and get it going (and keep me on it).


  • Page where Developers can login and make a profile, including the following:
    • twitter, linked in profiles, github
    • areas of code you like (tests, views, database, etc)
    • city, state (optional)
    • prefer in-person, online pair programming, or either
    • link to coderwall
  • Comment on profile (talk positively how it was to pair with that person)


  • Maybe a reward system (stars? rubyies?) that people can award someone who was helpful. Maybe sponsors can offer prizes.

Setting up development environment

  1. Get a Github account and press Fork
  2. Clone your repo git clone
  3. Prepare

      cd rubypair
      gem install bundler
      bundle install
      cp config/app_config.yml.example config/app_config.yml
  4. Register your app with Github to make authentication work

    • Main URL for development may vary, mine is http://localhost:3000 since I just use Webrick
    • Callback URL is http://localhost:3000/auth/github/callback adjust your accordingly.
    • Update your config/app_config.yml with values supplied from Github's OAUTH app registration
  5. Install MongoDB. We recommend using homebrew
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