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== 1.2.0 2011-03-07
* Feature: compatibility with Rails 3
* Feature: do not replicate record updates that didn't change any fields (props to daudo)
* Bug fix: reducing deadlock problems (props to gtanzillo)
* Bug fix: adding missing schema prefix in PostgreSQL triggers
* Bug fix: scans / syncs fail due to incorrect handling of case sensitivity of string primary key columns
* Bug fix: reducing risk of foreign key conflicts during replication (props for root cause analysis to TonyB)
== 1.1.2 2009-05-10
* Bug fix: escape primary keys in replication triggers
== 1.1.1 2009-02-02
* Feature: optional use of an SQL logger
* Bug fix: under postgresql, rubyrep triggers now finds the pending_changes table also if not included in current search path
== 1.1.0 2009-12-15
* Feature: filtering of sync / replication events with custom specified functionality
* Feature: compatibility with JRuby 1.4.0 and ActiveRecord 2.3.5
== 1.0.9 2009-10-14
* Bug fix: ReplicationRun#run should load only one change log record to figure out if there are pending changes
== 1.0.8 2009-10-01
* Feature: replication more robust against connection failures
* Feature: initial syncs before replication can be disabled with :initial_sync option
* Bug fix: better detection of failed update and delete replications
* Bug fix: fix scenario where replication could be logged as successful even when failed
* Bug fix: make proxied replication work under JRuby
== 1.0.7 2009-07-26
* Bug fix: buffered LoggedChangeLoader#update to avoid timeouts with large replication backlogs.
== 1.0.6 2009-07-25
* Bug fix: do not assume anymore that replication log events appear in sequential order
* Feature: increased resilience of rubyrep to network timeouts
* Feature: introduced :after_infrastructure_setup handler
== 1.0.5 2009-07-03
* Bug fix: rubyrep replication runs should survive update or delete attempts rejected by the database.
* Bug fix: support for multiple PostgreSQL schemas holding tables of the same name.
== 1.0.4 2009-06-20
* Bug fix: added missing file (log_helper.rb) to gem manifest
== 1.0.3 2009-06-20
* Minor enhancements:
* Added support (and according tests) for non-standard table / column names
* Verified compatibility with jruby 1.3.0
* Bug fixes:
* Also big exception messages should be accommodated in event log table.
== 1.0.2 2009-06-13
* 3 minor enhancements:
* Simplified low-level functions to read records from the database
(easier integration of additional databases)
* Better replication efficiency with large replication backlogs
* Reduced costs of an empty replication run
* Ignore tables that only exist in one database
(tables created for testing / backup don't block scan / sync / replication)
== 1.0.1 2009-03-25
* 3 minor enhancements:
* Verified compatibility with active_record 2.3.2 and jruby 1.2.0
* Released jruby bunde with the updated activerecord and jruby
* Catch ctrl+c and execute graceful shutdown
== 1.0.0 2009-03-07
* 1 major enhancement:
* Initial release
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