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require 'config/requirements'
require 'config/hoe' if Object.const_defined? 'Hoe' # setup Hoe + all gem configuration
require 'lib/rubyrep'
require 'tasks/task_helper'
Dir['tasks/**/*.rake'].each { |rake| load rake }
load 'sims/performance/performance.rake'
desc "Creates the repository commit statistics"
task :repostats do
# phase 0: create the repository tmp directory
system 'mkdir -p tmp'
# phase 1: migrate the hg repository to svn
tailor_path = '~/usr/tailor/tailor'
cmd = "#{tailor_path} --use-propset --configfile '#{File.dirname(__FILE__) + '/tasks/rubyrep.tailor'}'"
system cmd
# phase 2: create the repository statistics through the statsvn library
jar_path = '~/usr/statsvn/statsvn.jar'
log_path = File.dirname(__FILE__) + '/tmp/statsvn.log'
checkout_path = '/tmp/rubyrep_tailor/svn'
svnstats_dir = File.dirname(__FILE__) + '/statsvn'
system "cd #{checkout_path}; svn update"
cmd = "cd #{checkout_path}; svn log -v --xml >#{log_path}"
system cmd
cmd = "java -jar #{jar_path} -output-dir #{svnstats_dir} -exclude 'setup.rb:website/**' #{log_path} #{checkout_path}"
system cmd