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Ruby Friends - smile for the camera; In progress
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Smile for the camera!

Take pictures with all your friends in the Ruby community and post them to twitter with the #RubyFriends hashtag. We'll display them on our ongoing list of happy meetings in the Ruby world.

Check out all our wonderful #RubyFriends.


  1. Fork it

  2. Setup development environment

    bundle install
    bundle exec rake bootstrap
  3. Configure

    # edit config/application.yml (not version-controlled)
    # 1) change the SECRET_TOKEN
    bundle exec rake secret
    # 2) add twitter credentials
    # see for getting your twitter credentials
    # at
    # optionally configure whether to retweet 
    # or whether to restrict to tweets with media, only
  4. Test everything is set up correctly by running

    bundle exec rake db:migrate db:test:prepare spec
    bundle exec rake refresh_tweets
    bundle exec foreman start
  5. Create your feature branch

    git checkout -b my-new-feature
  6. Commit your changes

    git commit -am 'Added some feature'
  7. Run the specs

    bundle exec rake spec
  8. Push to the branch

    git push origin my-new-feature
  9. Create a pull request

Heroku Configuration

  heroku addons:add newrelic:standard
  # if not using aws s3 for image hosting
    heroku addons:add cloudinary:starter 
    # edit application.yml
    # file_storage: cloudinary
  # else file_storage: s3 and set s3 keys
  heroku addons:add memcachier:dev # memcached
  # the Gemfile should automatically require
  # the 'cloudinary' gem
  # if the service is  configured
  bundle exec rake figaro:heroku
  # if not using a worker
    heroku addons:add scheduler:standard
    heroku addons:open scheduler
    # schedule every 10 minutes
    # bundle exec rake refresh_tweets
  git push heroku master
  heroku run rake db:migrate
  heroku logs # check that it's working
  heroku run rake refresh_tweets



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