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Clean up the markup #9

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I’ve mostly applied the things described here:

  • Removed useless XML prologs from HTML files
  • Switched to the <!DOCTYPE html> doctype
  • Switched to <meta charset="utf-8"> (instead of <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1" />) and moved it to the top of the <head>:

    As recommended by the HTML5 spec ( Specifying the document's character encoding), add your charset declaration early (before any ASCII art ;) to avoid a potential encoding-related security issue in IE. It should come in the first 1024 bytes.

    The charset should also come before the <title> tag, due to potential XSS vectors.

  • Removed type="text/javascript" from <script> elements

  • Removed type="text/css" from <style> and <link rel=stylesheet> elements
  • Removed unneeded explicit references to /favicon.ico (

View diff here:

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Commits on May 8, 2013
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    Clean up the markup

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