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HAML FOR MARS release 0.4

To run the haml example, execute:

	rake setup
	rake planet

and point your browser to yourdir/index.html

To play with templates once the cache has been built:

	rake splice

Setup copies in config and .haml templates for the intertwingly theme.
The various clean tasks remove the extra files. See rake -T

Previously on Planet Mars...

To verify that you have the necessary prereqs installed, execute:

  rake prereqs

Information on the various requirements:

    gem install addressable

    For best resuts, also install idn:
      gem install idn

    To make sure that gems are searched:
      export RUBYOPT="-rubygems"

    There was a bug fixed on 2007-12-09 that Mars depends on.  For best
    results, check out the latest:

      svn checkout html5lib
      export RUBYLIB="/path/html5lib/ruby/lib"

    Mars needs a *working* XML parser (REXML version 3.1.6 won't do).

    To determine the version of REXML you have installed:
      ruby -rrexml/document -e 'p REXML::VERSION'

    For best results (speed, spec compliance), install one of

    The latest REXML can be obtained by
      svn co rexml
      export RUBYLIB="/path/rexml/src"
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