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from ConfigParser import ConfigParser
import csv
# input = csv, output = ConfigParser
def csv2config(input, config=None):
if not hasattr(input, 'read'):
input = csv.StringIO(input)
if not config:
config = ConfigParser()
reader = csv.DictReader(input)
for row in reader:
section = row[reader.fieldnames[0]]
if not config.has_section(section):
for name, value in row.items():
if value and name != reader.fieldnames[0]:
config.set(section, name, value)
return config
if __name__ == "__main__":
# small main program which converts CSV into config.ini format
import sys, urllib
config = ConfigParser()
for input in sys.argv[1:]:
csv2config(urllib.urlopen(input), config)
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