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<title>Venus Migration</title>
<h2>Migration from Planet 2.0</h2>
<p>The intent is that existing Planet 2.0 users should be able to reuse
their existing <code>config.ini</code> and <code>.tmpl</code> files,
but the reality is that users will need to be aware of the following:</p>
<li>You will need to start over with a new cache directory as the format
of the cache has changed dramatically.</li>
<li>Existing <code>.tmpl</code> and <code>.ini</code> files should work,
though some <a href="config.html">configuration</a> options (e.g.,
<code>days_per_page</code>) have not yet been implemented</li>
<li>No testing has been done on Python 2.1, and it is presumed not to work.</li>
<li>To take advantage of all features, you should install the optional
XML and RDF libraries described on
the <a href="installation.html">Installation</a> page.</li>
Common changes to config.ini include:
<li><p>Filename changes:</p>
examples/fancy/index.html.tmpl => themes/classic_fancy/index.html.tmpl
examples/atom.xml.tmpl => themes/common/atom.xml.xslt
examples/rss20.xml.tmpl => themes/common/rss20.xml.tmpl
examples/rss10.xml.tmpl => themes/common/rss10.xml.tmpl
examples/opml.xml.tmpl => themes/common/opml.xml.xslt
examples/foafroll.xml.tmpl => themes/common/foafroll.xml.xslt
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