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import os, sys
import urlparse
import planet
import pubsubhubbub_publisher as PuSH
def publish(config):
log = planet.logger
hub = config.pubsubhubbub_hub()
link =
# identify feeds
feeds = []
if hub and link:
for root, dirs, files in os.walk(config.output_dir()):
for file in files:
if file in config.pubsubhubbub_feeds():
feeds.append(urlparse.urljoin(link, file))
# publish feeds
if feeds:
PuSH.publish(hub, feeds)
for feed in feeds:"Published %s to %s\n" % (feed, hub))
except PuSH.PublishError, e:
log.error("PubSubHubbub publishing error: %s\n" % e)