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- "">
+<!DOCTYPE html>
<html xmlns="">
<script type="text/javascript" src="docs.js"></script>
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<p>Documentation can be found in the <code>docs</code> directory. It is
straight XHTML.</p>
<p>Test cases can be found in the
-<a href="http://localhost/~rubys/venus/tests/">tests</a> directory, and
+<a href="">tests</a> directory, and
make use of the
<a href="">Python Unit testing framework</a>. To run them, simply enter:</p>
-<p>If you have done a <a href="index.html">bzr get</a>, you have already set up
+<p>If you have done a <a href="index.html">git pull</a>, you have already set up
a repository. The only additional step you might need to do is to introduce
-yourself to <a href="">bzr</a>. Type in the following,
+yourself to <a href="">git</a>. Type in the following,
after replacing the <b>bold text</b> with your information:</p>
-<blockquote><pre>bzr whoami '<b>Your Name</b> &lt;<b>youremail</b>@<b></b>&gt;'</pre></blockquote>
+<blockquote><pre>git config --global '<b>Your Name</b>'
+git config --global '<b>youremail</b>@<b></b>'</pre></blockquote>
<p>Then, simply make the changes you like. When you are done, type:</p>
-<blockquote><pre>bzr st</pre></blockquote>
+<blockquote><pre>git status</pre></blockquote>
<p>This will tell you which files you have modified, and which ones you may
have added. If you add files and you want them to be included, simply do a:</p>
-<blockquote><pre>bzr add file1 file2...</pre></blockquote>
+<blockquote><pre>git add file1 file2...</pre></blockquote>
-<p>You can also do a <code>bzr diff</code> to see if there are any changes
+<p>You can also do a <code>git diff</code> to see if there are any changes
which you made that you don't want included. I can't tell you how many
debug print statements I have caught this way.</p>
<p>Next, type:</p>
-<blockquote><pre>bzr commit</pre></blockquote>
+<blockquote><pre>git commit -a</pre></blockquote>
<p>This will allow you to enter a comment describing your change. If your
repository is already on your web server, simple let others know where they
-can find it. If not, you can simply ftp or scp the files to your web server
-&mdash; no additional software needs to be installed on that machine.</p>
+can find it. If not, consider using <a href="">github</a> to host your
+<a href="">fork</a> of Venus.</p>
<h3>Telling others</h3>
<p>Once you have a change worth sharing, post a message on the
-<a href="">mailing list</a>.</p>
-<p>Also, consider setting up a <a href="">bzr-feed</a> for your repository, so people who wish to do so can automatically
-be notified of every change.</p>
-<p>There now is even an nascent <a href="">planet</a> being formed which combines these feeds of changes. You can <a href="">subscribe</a> to it too.</p>
+<a href="">mailing
+list</a>, or use github to send a <a
+href="">pull request</a>.</p>

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