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@@ -118,6 +118,13 @@ <h3 id="planet"><code>[planet]</code></h3>
<dd>Used by <code>expunge</code> to determine how many entries should be
kept for each source when expunging old entries from the cache directory.
This may be overriden on a per subscription feed basis.</dd>
+<dd>URL to a PubSubHubbub hub, or None to disable. Default is the
+Google App Engine open hub. Used by <code>publish</code> to ping the
+hub when feeds are published, speeding delivery of updates to
+subscribers. See
+the <a href=""> PubSubHubbub
+home page</a> for more information.</dd>
<p>Additional options can be found in
<a href="normalization.html#overrides">normalization level overrides</a>.</p>

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