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Mixes up posts from different planet instances if one planet is subscribed to a subfeed of the feed of another planet instance. #8

xtaran opened this Issue Mar 16, 2011 · 1 comment

1 participant

xtaran commented Mar 16, 2011

We have the following setup: is subscribed to is subscribed to and which both contain subsets of the postings in

Both planets run from the same PlanetVenus installation (git master HEAD as of now) including the same cache, just with different configuration files.

Now the posting shows up on as soon as it has been updated once after has cached it, despite it's only in but neither in nor in

Looks to me as if the cache evaluation is broken with regards to checking if a cached posting belongs to a planet or not.

xtaran commented Mar 16, 2011

A workaround is to use a non-shared cache directory for those two planets, but this also means that at least one feed is fetched twice now.

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