Coercedates plugin with fixes to allowing filters to modify the updated date #16

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hossman commented Jan 15, 2012

the coercedates branch of my fork includes a new "coercedates" plugin that handles the logic i described wanting in issue #15, along with the (minimal) changes to necessary to allow filters to modify the "updated" date of an entry and have respect that change when setting the mtime for sorting entries.

Tests included

bit and others added some commits Mar 28, 2011

@bit @hossman bit allow iframes with frameborder as used by, youtube and other s…
@hossman hossman coercedates plugin
new plugin that coerces the 'updated' and 'published' dates on any entry already in the cache to match the 'updated' date already in the cache

if an entry is _not_ already in the cache, coerces the date values to be the smaller of older of the two values

commit also 'fixes' to work with filters that modify the 'updated' date

see: #15
@hossman hossman fix missing import that was hiding ae70a51

hossman commented Jan 15, 2012

Hmmm... ok, so bfacbc2 is totally unrelated ... apparently i merged that into my coercedates branch w/o realizing it.

sorry for the noise.

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