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Cannot retrieve contributors at this time / 2021-08-31

  • Add a workaround for Psych < 3.1.0 to support running on Ruby < 2.6. (issue #319)
    • Although, Ruby 2.5 and prior have all reached End-of-Life and are no longer receiving security updates. It is strongly advised that you should upgrade to a currently supported version of Ruby.

0.9.0 / 2021-08-31

  • Load advisory metadata using YAML.safe_load. (issue #302)
    • Explicitly permit the Date class for Psych >= 4.0.0 and Ruby >= 3.1.0.
  • Added {Bundler::Audit::Advisory#to_h}. (pull #310)
  • Added {Bundler::Audit::Database#commit_id}.


  • Added the --config option. (pull #306)
  • Added the junit output format (ex: --format junit). (pull #314)
  • Add missing output for CVSSv3 criticality information. (pull #302)
    • Include criticality information in the JSON output as well. (pull #310)
  • bundle-audit stats now prints the commit ID of the ruby-advisory-db.
  • Fixed a deprecation warning from Thor. (issue #317)

Rake Task

  • Add the bundle:audit:update task for updating the ruby-advisory-db. (pull #296)
  • Aliased bundle:audit to bundle:audit:check.
  • Aliased bundler:audit:* to bundle:audit:*.
  • Rake tasks now execute bundle-audit command as a subprocess to ensure isolation.

0.8.0 / 2021-03-10

  • No longer vendor ruby-advisory-db.
  • Added {Bundler::Audit::Configuration}.
    • Supports loading YAML configuration data from a .bundler-audit.yml file.
  • Added {Bundler::Audit::Results}.
  • Added {Bundler::Audit::Report}.
  • Added {Bundler::Audit::CLI::Formats}.
  • Added {Bundler::Audit::CLI::Formats::Text}.
  • Added {Bundler::Audit::CLI::Formats::JSON}.
  • Added {Bundler::Audit::Database::DEFAULT_PATH}.
  • Added {Bundler::Audit::Database.exists?}.
  • Added {Bundler::Audit::Database#git?}.
  • Added {Bundler::Audit::Database#update!}.
    • Will raise a {Bundler::Audit::Database::UpdateFailed UpdateFailed} exception, if the git pull command fails.
  • Added {Bundler::Audit::Database#last_updated_at}.
  • Added {Bundler::Audit::Scanner#report}.
  • {Bundler::Audit::Database::USER_PATH} is now Gem.user_home aware.
    • Gem.user_home will try to infer HOME, even if it is not set.
  • {Bundler::Audit::Database#download} will now raise a {Bundler::Audit::Database::DownloadFailed DownloadFailed} exception, if the git clone command fails.
  • {Bundler::Audit::Scanner#initialize}:
    • Now accepts an additional database and config_dot_file arguments.
    • Will now raise a Bundler::GemfileLockNotFound exception, if the given Gemfile.lock file cannot be found.
  • {Bundler::Audit::Scanner#scan_sources} will now ignore any source with a or ::1/128 IP address.
  • {Bundler::Audit::Scanner#scan_specs} will ignore any advisories listed in {Bundler::Audit::Configuration#ignore}, which is loaded from the .bundler-audit.yml file.
  • Deprecated {Bundler::Audit::Database.update!} in favor of {Bundler::Audit::Database#update! #update!}.
  • Removed Bundler::Audit::Database::VENDORED_PATH.
  • Removed Bundler::Audit::Database::VENDORED_TIMESTAMP.


  • Require thor ~> 1.0.
  • Added bundler-audit stats.
  • Added bundler-audit download.
  • bundler-audit check:
    • Now accepts a optional DIR argument for the project directory.
      • bundler-audit check will now print an explicit error message and exit, if the given DIR does not exist.
    • Will now auto-download ruby-advisory-db to ensure the latest advisory information is used on first run.
    • Now supports a --database option for specifying a path to an alternative ruby-advisory-db copy.
    • Now supports a --gemfile-lock option for specifying a custom Gemfile.lock file within the project directory.
    • Now supports a --format option for specifying the desired format. text and json are supported, but other custom formats can be loaded. See {Bundler::Audit::CLI::Formats}.
    • Now supports a --output option for writing the report output to a file.
    • Prints both CVE and GHSA IDs.
  • Print all error messages to stderr.
  • No longer print number of advisories in bundler-audit version. / 2020-06-12

  • Forgot to populate data/ruby-advisory-db.

0.7.0 / 2020-06-12

  • Require thor >= 0.18, < 2.
  • Added {Bundler::Audit::Advisory#ghsa} (@rschultheis).
  • Added {Bundler::Audit::Advisory#cvss_v3} (@ahamlin-nr).
  • Added {Bundler::Audit::Advisory#identifiers} (@rschultheis).
  • Updated {Bundler::Audit::Advisory#criticality} ranges (@reedloden).
  • Avoid rebasing the ruby-advisory-db when updating (@nicknovitski).
  • Fixed issue with Bundler 2.x where source URIs are no longer parsed as URI::HTTP objects, but as Bundler::URI::HTTP objects. (@milgner)
  • Make it more explicit that git is required for database updates (@fatkodima)

0.6.1 / 2019-01-17

  • Require bundler >= 1.2.0, < 3 to support bundler 2.0.

0.6.0 / 2017-07-18

  • Added --quiet option to check and update commands (@jaredbeck).
  • Added bin/bundler-audit which will be executed when bundle audit is ran (@vassilevsky).

0.5.0 / 2016-02-28

  • Added {Bundler::Audit::Task}.
  • Added {Bundler::Audit::Advisory#date}.
  • Added {Bundler::Audit::Advisory#cve_id}.
  • Added {Bundler::Audit::Advisory#osvdb_id}.
  • Allow insecure gem sources (http:// and git://), if they are hosted on a private network.


  • Added the --update option to bundler-audit check.
  • bundler-audit update now returns a non-zero exit status on error.
  • bundler-audit update only updates ~/.local/share/ruby-advisory-db, if it is a git repository.

0.4.0 / 2015-06-30

  • Require ruby >= 1.9.3 due to i18n gem deprecating < 1.9.3.
  • Added {Bundler::Audit::Advisory#osvdb}.
  • Resolve the IP addresses of gem sources and ignore intranet gem sources. (PR #90)
  • Use ISO8601 date format when querying the git timestamp of ruby-advisory-db. (PR #92)


  • Print the CVE or OSVDB id.
  • No longer print "Unpatched versions found!" when an insecure gem source is detected. (PR #84)

0.3.1 / 2014-04-20

  • Added thor ~> 0.18 as a dependency.
  • No longer rely on the vendored version of thor within bundler.
  • Store the timestamp of when data/ruby-advisory-db was last updated in data/ruby-advisory-db.ts.
  • Use data/ruby-advisory-db.ts instead of the creation time of the dataruby-advisory-db directory, which is always the install time of the rubygem.

0.3.0 / 2013-10-31

  • Added {Bundler::Audit::Database.update!} which uses git to download ruby-advisory-db to ~/.local/share/ruby-advisory-db.
  • {Bundler::Audit::Database.path} now returns the path to either ~/.local/share/ruby-advisory-db or the vendored copy, depending on which is more recent.


  • Added the bundler-audit update sub-command.

0.2.0 / 2013-03-05

  • Require RubyGems >= 1.8.0. Prior versions of RubyGems could not correctly parse approximate version requirements (~> 1.2.3).
  • Updated the ruby-advisory-db.
  • Added {Bundler::Audit::Advisory#unaffected_versions}.
  • Added {Bundler::Audit::Advisory#unaffected?}.
  • Added {Bundler::Audit::Advisory#patched?}.
  • Renamed Advisory#cve to {Bundler::Audit::Advisory#id}.

0.1.2 / 2013-02-17

  • Require bundler ~> 1.2.
  • Vendor a full copy of the ruby-advisory-db.
  • Added {Bundler::Audit::Advisory#path} for debugging purposes.
  • Added {Bundler::Audit::Advisory#to_s} for debugging purposes.


  • Simply parse the Gemfile.lock instead of loading the bundle (@grosser).
  • Exit with non-zero status on failure (@grosser).

0.1.1 / 2013-02-12

  • Fixed a Ruby 1.8 syntax error.



  • If the advisory has no patched_versions, recommend removing or disabling the gem until a patch is made available.

0.1.0 / 2013-02-11

  • Initial release:
    • Checks for vulnerable versions of gems in Gemfile.lock.
    • Prints advisory information.
    • Does not require a network connection.