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This is the source code base for - a website for the Singapore Ruby Community!

Contributing to needs your help and we would love to see contributions from anyone in the community.

Please refer to the GitHub Issues for details on features/bugs/chores that you can help with.

You can also raise feature requests, or bug reports on GitHub Issues.

The initial design of was done by @winstonyw who is not a designer by training. :)

Singapore Companies using Ruby

If your company/organisation is using Ruby, and/or hiring for Ruby-related positions, please add your company information to by editing config/initializers/companies.yml.

Hiring and contact links will be checked and refreshed periodically, to minimise stale information. Companies with more recently updated information will also be shown earlier in the list

To recognize and further show our appreciation for companies that have actively contributed to the RubySG community (via sponsoring meetups and/or providing speakers), they will be prioritised and shown in an earlier section of the page

Company Information:

  1. Name of Company
  2. Website of Company
  3. Logo URL (max height 100px)
    • Tip: Create a Pull Request on GitHub, add your logo to the PR's description and use the image URL generated by GitHub
  4. Address of Company
  5. Hiring URL
    • Please put the direct link to the job description / hiring page. Otherwise, set as nil
  6. Email
    • Company hiring/contact email address


  • Use single quotes
  • Align hash values so that it's easier to scan

After you are done, please run specs with rspec.

There are basic specs that validate the integrity of of the company list and so if specs fail, please fix the errors before issuing a Pull Request.

Setup of Development Environment


You'll need to have a .env file ready in your app directory with the following keys:


Read this blog post for more details:


The easiest way to get it working on a Mac is with


Run bin/setup to install Gems and also setup your database.

Run Specs

Run spring rspec.


Fork the app, checkout a branch, work on a feature/bug/chore and submit it as a Pull Request.

Core Contributors

I'll be adding folks as core contributors to the repo too when you chalk up enough contributions.

As a core contributor, you'll get access to the repo and can help with review/management of PRs. You'll also be listed in this readme as a core contributor and get deployment rights in the future.

Voluntary Contributors

Just start writing code (with tests if possible). Make a Pull Request when you are done.

Help with typos, design tweaks etc! The core contributors will review and merge in your PRs.


All features/bug fixes should come with tests. We're using RSpec.

To run tests, just run rake or rspec on console.


The app is currently deployed on Heroku. No fuss. No thrills.


Please feel free to email