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A few quick suggestions as requested by Ryan.

Grouped 1 to 3 where 1 is what I'd consider essential

Group 1

Email notifications - email sent when a thread someone has posted in has received a reply (with options)

Latest posts link - to show the latest posts made on the forum, most of my regular users (who hang around the forum) use the forum this way.

Thread status icons - to show if a thread contains new posts/whether you have replied in the thread or not/whether it's a 'hot' thread etc

Who's viewing forum - when on the forum homepage, shows how many people are visiting each particular forum. It's surprising how lifeless forum systems feel without this.

Whos online - list of people active

Group 2

Who visited today - list of people who visited in last 24hrs

I'll add more as and when I think of em/get time


Email notifications are easy enough to implement, with the emails being sent out by the forum system using the mail configuration of the main application. How precisely we configure the configure to send out these emails I don't know yet, probably some option in an admin backend somewhere. Users should be able to opt-out of receiving these emails too.

"v2" of this feature would allow users to opt-out of the emails on a per-forum basis. Or you could incorporate that into v1, if you wish.

Latest posts link This would only be useful if you could show the latest posts on that forum since the person last looked at that page. I can see how it would be useful though.

Thread status icons This is generally how I know if activity has been happening on a forum, but I haven't been on any super-heavy forums yet. The styling of the system is something I have not considered yet, but it should be easy enough to do with the asset pipelining stuff in Rails 3.1, having gems to provide different themes.

Who's viewing forum I can see how this would be useful, yes. Doesn't have to be names, just "5 users currently viewing this forum".

Who's online This could be useful too, but I don't think it should be a high priority. It's not a function of a forum system that I used a lot. It was more of a "nice to have" thing.

Who visited today Similar to the previous one, but even less of a priority.

Thanks for your feedback, a couple of good places to start!


Sounds good - get the nuts and bolts sorted first the bells n whistles can come later :)

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Oops - didn't meant to close (silly place to put a close button!)


Email notifications would be awesome to have :)


It sounds good to me so far, I'm not sure if I will have the time. But i did finish the categories support feature :)


Clearly I didn't get a spare moment :) Would someone else care to tackle this?


I'm needing email notifications too - I can tackle this if no one else is. @radar, let me know if you want me to do it.


I started on it @jgadbois (under direction from @radar) I got as far as this: I can submit a pull request and you take it from there if you like?


sure as long as @radar is cool with that. Would you add the pull request to my fork?


I'm not sure how to do that so have added it here: #97


@jgadbois: I've merged the awesome changes that Aston's worked hard on into master now. Is there anything you can see to improve?


When I looked the other day the subscriptions got set up, but emails weren't actually getting set out to subscribers. I'd like to hook all that up. I don't think any of the front end for subscribing was there yet either.


Yup that's correct, Aston was going to work on that next. I think he may be doing that now in his branch. You're also right about there not be a front-end for it. Perhaps you two could work on this together?


I did start on it: but I'm sure I screwed something up as SQLite keeps giving me a BusyException now.

The email-notifications branch was just my rough attempt tbh, so I really don't mind if you scrap it and go ahead and redo it from scratch @jgadbois.

I don't mind helping out but just bear in mind I'm very new to this (and so I won't be offended if you'd rather do it yourself - I can always help out on sommin else if need be - I'm sure Ryan will be able to find something else for me to work on, lol).


I'm happy to take a look, but if you want I can work on the front end subscription stuff if you want to keep working on the emails.

@radar - could you take a look at my other pull request and hopefully get it merged as I screwed up and committed some of that work into master on my fork.


Which pull request? I don't see one. I see your issue #78, but nothing else.


Hi guys I've got this far:

In Ryan's book he uses an Observer:

class CommentObserver < ActiveRecord::Observer
def after_create(comment)
(comment.ticket.watchers - [comment.user]).each do |user|
Notifier.comment_updated(comment, user).deliver
end end

But I've used an after_create instead. I think my association is wrong - can you give me some pointers please?


Closing this one now.

The reasoning is thus:

  • Nobody else has requested the other features, and so they're currently "YAGNI".
  • We'll deal with feature requests like Rails and Spree do, meaning that if a 'large' number of people request them then we'll do work on them. If they have code attached then we will seriously consider merging it in provided we get consensus from a majority.


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Sounds good Ryan!

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