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class MSpecScript
# 1.9 does not have these libraries
obsolete_libs = %w[
cgi-lib date2 eregex finalize ftools generator getopts importenv
jcode mailread parsearg parsedate ping readbytes rubyunit runit
soap wsdl xsd
# on 1.9 these implementation was re-written.
replaced_libs = %w[ cgi csv test/unit complex rational dl ]
# replaced but compatible enough to share specs with 1.8
enough_compatible_libs = %w[ cgi csv complex rational ]
libs_to_ignore = obsolete_libs + replaced_libs - enough_compatible_libs
spec_dirs = File.dirname(__FILE__) + '/1.8/library/*'
ruby_1_8_compatible_libraries = Dir.glob(spec_dirs).select{|path|
path.gsub!(File::PATH_SEPARATOR, '/')
%r[.*/1.8/library/([^/]*)] =~ path and !libs_to_ignore.include?($1)
# An ordered list of the directories containing specs to run
set :files, [
# The default implementation to run the specs.
# TODO: this needs to be more sophisticated since the
# executable is not consistently named.
set :target, 'ruby19'
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