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class MSpecScript
# Language features specs
set :language, [ 'language' ]
# Core library specs
set :core, [ 'core' ]
# Standard library specs
set :library, [
# obsolete libraries
'^library/dl', # reimplemented and API changed
# An ordered list of the directories containing specs to run
set :files, get(:language) + get(:core) + get(:library)
# This set of files is run by mspec ci
set :ci_files, get(:files)
# The default implementation to run the specs.
# TODO: this needs to be more sophisticated since the
# executable is not consistently named.
set :target, 'ruby1.9'
set :tags_patterns, [
[%r(language/), 'tags/1.9/language/'],
[%r(core/), 'tags/1.9/core/'],
[%r(library/), 'tags/1.9/library/'],
[/_spec.rb$/, '_tags.txt']
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