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Commits on Jun 8, 2009
  1. Update version to 0.7.6 and require mspec 1.5.12.

    Brian Ford committed
  2. Fix up String() specs to use ducktype helpers.

    Brian Ford committed
  3. Fixes to get Kernel specs running with RSpec again.

    Brian Ford committed
  4. Add tests for BigDecimal bug fixes.

    Kirk Haines committed
  5. Replaced some singleton :hash defs with should_receive(:hash).

    Brian Ford committed
    There are others that need to be replaced but the specs using
    them need to be rewritten as well.
Commits on Jun 6, 2009
  1. Add specs to block_given? for Kernel.block_given? and self.send(:bloc…

    Yehuda Katz committed
  2. Finish Kernel#String specs

    Yehuda Katz committed
  3. Add some more tests to kernel_object_id, and add test to equal? for o…

    Yehuda Katz committed
    …verriding __id__ or object_id
  4. Complete specs for Integer()

    Yehuda Katz committed
  5. Simplify use of it_behaves_like in Float() specs.

    Brian Ford committed
  6. Use shared specs for Process.times and Time.times.

    Brian Ford committed
    Also, removes deprecation warning spec because RubySpec does
    not spec warnings except under very rare circumstances. Also,
    removes 1.9 spec that Time.times no longer exists because
    RubySpec only specs the behavior of existing methods.
  7. Complete Float spec

    Yehuda Katz committed
Commits on Jun 5, 2009
  1. @runpaint
  2. @runpaint
  3. @runpaint
  4. @runpaint

    Time: Fix ver. guards for accuracy/range changes.

    runpaint committed
    The switch to Rationals representing times, and the relaxing of the allowed
    year ranges, were introduced in HEAD; not in 1.9.1; fixed the version guards.
  5. @runpaint
  6. @runpaint
  7. @runpaint
  8. @runpaint
  9. @runpaint
  10. @runpaint
  11. @runpaint
  12. @runpaint
  13. @runpaint
  14. @runpaint
  15. @runpaint
  16. @runpaint
  17. @runpaint
  18. @runpaint
  19. Review of Kernel#Array complete

    Yehuda Katz committed
  20. Kernel#Array doesn't call to_ary or to_a on Arrays

    Yehuda Katz committed
  21. @runpaint
  22. @runpaint
  23. @runpaint
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