Explore and compare open source Ruby libraries
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The Ruby Toolbox

Build Status Depfu

Explore and compare open source Ruby libraries



The Ruby Toolbox depends on a few utilities which you will need to install before you begin.




Install the current project ruby version, preferrably with a Ruby version manager like chruby, rbenv, or rvm

You will also need Bundler for installing the project's dependencies.

Node.js and Yarn

Yarn is used to manage frontend dependencies for the project. It can be installed by following the official installation guide. You will also need to install Node.js.

Running the application

  1. Start postgres and redis
  2. Install the project's dependencies by running bundle install
  3. Prepare the database with rake db:setup
  4. Optional but recommended: Import a production database dump using bin/pull_database
  5. Install the frontend dependencies using yarn install
  6. In order to access the Github GraphQL API for pulling repo data, you need to create a OAuth token as per Github's documentation. No auth scopes are needed. Place the token as GITHUB_TOKEN=yourtoken in .env.local and .env.local.test.
  7. Run the services with foreman start. You can access the site at http://localhost:5000

Further steps

  • You can run the test suite with bundle exec rspec
  • You can check code style with bundle exec rubocop
  • During development you can launch guard using bundle exec guard to continuously check your changes
  • The repo has overcommit git hooks set up to check your changes before commit, push etc. You can set it up once with bundle exec overcommit --install. Whenever the hook config file .overcommit.yml changes, you need to verify it's contents and approve the changes with bundle exec overcommit --sign
  • You can find the sidekiq web UI at http://localhost:5000/ops/sidekiq. Username can be empty, the default password is development.

Code of Conduct

Everyone participating in this project's development, issue trackers and other channels is expected to follow our Code of Conduct


This project is available as open source under the terms of the MIT License.