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The 34th Chaos Communication Congress from December 27th to 30th, 2017

Dear lovely Rubyists,

There will be a Ruby Town Assembly again! And we want you to join us for some amazing days on the congress in Leipzig <3

We will collect all relevant information here in this repo.

More Infos about the 34rd CCC:

Follow us on Twitter

Register for our Assembly at the Congress It's a bit tricky:

  1. If you don't have a user yet create yourself one
  2. Create a profile in the wiki by going to your user page
  3. Edit the page and add the following information to it
|Speaks language=en - English, de - German
|Part of=rubytown
|Has mail contact=
|Has website=
|Lives in continent=Europe
|Lives in country=Germany

After that to actually see yourself on the assembly page right away you have to hit the "refresh" link on the assembly page.

Buy your ticket

Join the assembly Slack Channel

We have a public rubytown channel at the Rails Berlin e.V. Slack. Just join to get in touch with all the rubyists:

Who will come

Who brings what



Workshops / Self organized Sessions

Equipment that is needed

  • Infrastructure
    • Powerplugs (everyone)
    • Network switch
    • Long network cables (>10m)
    • Network cables (everyone)
  • Coffee
    • Water boiler
    • Coffee maker aka Chemex
    • Grinder
    • Coffeeee (beans)
    • Coffee filters
    • A mug (everyone)
  • Decoration
    • Posters (nerdbabe)
    • Holiday lights (nerdbabe)
    • Adhesive tape (nerdbabe)
    • Scissor (nerdbabe)
  • Food
    • Bring some cookies or sweets for long hacking sessions <3

Feel free to add other items we need :)

Promote Ruby Town at your local usergroup