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ANSI::Terminal fails to detect Windows #12

eric-smartlove opened this Issue Jul 30, 2012 · 7 comments

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I am on Windows XP.

When I type:

require "ansi"

I have the message: No such file or directory - stty size

In, the code seems to require successively ansi/terminal/stty, ansi/terminal/curses, ansi/terminal/termios and ansi/terminal/win32 until one of these require does not raises.

I guess that stty is supposed to raise on Windows, to avoid using this library. However when I require manually ansi/terminal/stty, it does not raises.

In fact, when I read the code of ansi/terminal/stty I do not see anything that can raise on Windows (or on any platform).

@eric-smartlove eric-smartlove referenced this issue in busyloop/powerbar Jul 30, 2012

No such file or directory - stty size #5

m-o-e commented Oct 11, 2012


No love for windows, anyone?


I have run into this issue on Windows as well, might take a stab at fixing it.

muellerj commented Jan 9, 2013


Rubyworks member
trans commented Jan 6, 2015

I would love to merge a fix. I do not use Windows (for development) so it would be better for someone who does to take a stab at it.

Rubyworks member
trans commented Jan 7, 2015

I may have fixed it. All this time and I think the simple error was pop should have been shift, i.e. the platforms files were being required in the wrong order.

muellerj commented Jan 8, 2015
require "ansi"
ANSI::Terminal.terminal_width # => 207

now works for me on Win7 under Cygwin. Is that a conclusive test?

Rubyworks member
trans commented Jan 9, 2015

Pretty much. And if that works for straight Windows (no Cygwin) then I think this issue if finally close able. Yay! (Though I am sure improvements are to be had, e.g. I've seen code in the wild that indicate to me that JRuby support might need some love.)

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