English language support library
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English is a spin-off of Facets, collecting together all English language libraries together under a single unified project. The English project intends to provided a general purpose set of English-oriented text manipulation and natural language processing Ruby libraries in one convenient package.


Please see the HISTORY file.


The primary means of usage is via the English::String class. A normal Ruby String can be quickly concerted to an +English::String+ class using the #en method. With the converted object you can call any of the string-based English methods.

require 'english/inflect'

"Goose".en.plural  #=> "Geese"

By loading the 'language/mixin' library, you can further remove the need for the #en method. Instead the Language module will use whatever language is set as current. By default 'en' is the current language setting.

require 'language/mixin'

"Goose".plural  #=> "Geese"

To load the entire English library, including the 'lanaguage/mixin' script, simply use:

require 'english'

See Language project for more information on support for other languages. For details on all the methods the English library supplies see the <a href=“rubyworks.github.com/english/rdoc/”>API documentation</a>.

NOTE: If your system has a case insensitive file system, an alternative to english.rb is provided. Use en.rb instead:

require 'en'


Using RubyGems

$ sudo gem install english

We do not recommend site installations any longer, but if you need to do so, you can download the .tar.gz file from GitHub and use <a href=“proutils.github.com/setup/”>Ruby Setup<a/> to install English manually:

$ tar -xvzf english-1.0.0.tar.gz
$ cd english-1.0.0
$ sudo setup.rb

For Windows users the last line needs to be 'ruby setup.rb'.


To run the test suite without installing, you can use:

$ script/test


Many developers, both directly and indirectly, made English possible. See the AUTHORS file for a list of specific acknowledgements.


English, Copyright © 2006–2010 Thomas Sawyer

Some libraries within English are copyrighted to respective authors, or are derivatives of such acknowledged work. See the library files for copyright notices.

The English collection is distributed under the terms of the MIT license.