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I noticed that calling unindent() doesn't do the right thing:

irb(main):001:0> require 'facets/string/unindent'
=> true
irb(main):002:0> " two\n four\n".unindent
=> "two\n four\n"

Note that there is only one space before 'four'; there should be two. With this change, I get the correct output.

I ran the whole test suite and got no failures.

Incidentally, figuring out how to run the tests took a while. It would be nice if Facets include a README-testing.txt file explaining that the tests use a framework called 'Lemon', and where to find it. Google helped me figure that out. The documentation on how to run Lemon tests was also out of date - this page:

...advises running the 'lemon' command, when the real command appears to be called 'lemonade'. And 'lemonade' didn't work for me anyway, producing a LoadError: "no such file to load -- test/cli". I had to run "rubytest -r lemon test" (the docs say "ruby-test" but that was also incorrect). I installed using 'sudo gem install lemon' and got lemon 0.9.0 and rubytest 0.3.1. Let me know if something's wrong with my setup.

trans commented Apr 27, 2012

I'm not getting this error. What platform and ruby version are you running?

Nonetheless I am willing to use, but I'm not too keen on the private helper method, #common_prefix. I think we can make a slightly different method that could be useful in general for essentially the same purpose. Something like indention(c=' '), which would return the common indention, based on c for each line of a string.

What do you think?

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