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And prepare to be amazed! The incredible Hypervisor is here. Your one-way ticket to documentation nirvana. Women have wept for less. Men have broken knuckles for less.

Harnessing the powers of the Shomen, a standardize OOP documentation data format, and built on a jQuery powerhouse, Hypervisor is the champion of all poorly documented projects around the world, upholding the principles of clarity, accessiblity and the Ruby Way!


  • Invoative mouse wheel scrolling menus.

  • Very clean interface.

How To

Generate a shomen `.json` file for you project to replace.

$ cd ..
$ shomen rdoc > site/foo-1.0.0.json

See Shomen project to learn more about this.

To locally view your documentation, clone this repo to your project's webite directory (or `gh-pages` branch if you are crazy like that).

$ cd myproject
$ git clone site
$ cd site
$ rm -rf .git

By default it will look for `doc.json` so you can link that to the latest documentation file.

$ ln -s foo-1.0.0.json doc.json

Now fire up local directory webserver. The `shomen` command provides one (must have `sinatra` installed):

$ shomen server

You can also view the files directly if your browser supports local ajax calls (Firefox works. Chrome? Not so much).

$ firefox index.html

Now then, customize that template to your little hearts desire!

To view you documentation remotely, firs publish you Shomen .json file, presumably to your website, but it can be anywhere on the internet that will accept loading via ajax.

Now navigate over to the Rubyfaux site setting the `doc` property in the URL to the location of the file, e.g.

And there you are.

Note that if the documented project is large so too will be the Shomen `.json` file. In which case it take a moment for the browser to load the file. For large projects as such it is a good idea to divide documentation into a set of smaller files, rather than one big file.


Copyright © 2011 Thomas Sawyer

Available according to the terms of the BSD-2-Clause license.

External libraries used:

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