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0.2.1 | 2013-11-21

Primarily this release cleans up the project configuration a bit and adds a missing `LICENSE.txt` file. But it also adjusts the `#to_enum` method to avoid Ruby 2.0's deprecation of `, method)`. I don't know why Matz thought it a good thing to do. It forced us to use `Kernel.instance_method(:enum_for).bind(…).call(…)` in its place. Fugly!


  • Adjust to_enum to not use

  • Add missing LICENSE file.

0.2.0 | 2012-05-23

This release brings the new OpenStruct to a production ready state.


  • Constructors cascade and auto/renew are now slightly different.

  • Added nest/nested constructor for nests OpenStructs. (Cool!)

  • Boost performace via on-demand creation of singleton methods.

  • Add missing equality methods, hash method and dup/clone methods.

  • Rename main class to OpenStruct2 to avoid conflicts with original.

  • Require `ostruct2/ostruct` to get drop-in replacement.

0.1.0 | 2011-05-20

This is the initial relase of OpenSturct2.


  • First release.