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Good documentation is so under-addressed by most developers that we r…

have to roll out the bright lights when someone comes along and takes
up the time consuming mantle of documenting an API in complete detail.
This is exactly what happened with Radix this last month. A coder going
by the unassuming handle, **douglascodes**, announced his desire to
document Radix and proceeded to do so until YARD pronounced 100%
completeness. Hey, we think that is worth of a whole version bump and
a big shout-out for Douglas!


Minor release to fix gemspec. Which, alas, Bunder cannot do without.


This release is simply an adminstrative release to update the project
build configuration. The functionality of the library itself has not
changed. This release also transitions the project to the BSD-2-Clause


Radix::Number has been deprecate in favor of three separate classes,
Radix::Integer, Radix::Float and Radix::Rational. In addition
implementation of these classes has been reworked.


Radix now provides an actual Numeric subclass, Radix::Number, that st…

the base and can be used like any other Numeric object. This makes it very
easy to convert and manipulate numbers in any base. The implementation is still
a bit nascent. For the moment, it only supports the most basic math operators
and only handles integer values, but furture releases will continue to expand
on it's capabilites.
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