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Rundown is a Javascript RDoc markup to HTML converter. If is based on Showdown, the javascipt Markdown library.

Development is being done feature by feature. Currently headers and links have been adapted to RDoc markup. Where possible we are keeping Markdown support so it will be a superset of RDoc making it a bit more flexible.

Please Contribute

The more others contribute to Rundown, the sooner full RDoc compatibility will be achieved. As I am not a markup parser expert, on my own I will only be implementing features as I need them, can figure them out, and have time to work on it. So your contributions will have a significant impact on this project.


Rundown is very much a contributor's project, so acknowledgment of everyone who has contributed are in order.

  • Thomas Sawyer

  • Corey Innis (Showdown maintainer)

  • John Fraser (Showdown originator)


Rundown is copyrighted open source software.

  • Copyright © 2011 Rubyworks

  • Copyright © 2007 John Fraser

  • Copyright © 2004 John Gruber

See NOTICE.rdoc for details.