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VCLog is a versatile cross-VCS/SCM changelog generator. It currently supports Git, Hg and (limited) Subversion.


Known Issues

Subversion Support

Because Subversion is a centralized version control system, it contacts the server every time 'svn log' is run. For this reason, having vclog generate a release history is likely to fail since it must run 'svn log' for each tag. Any repository with more than a few tags may be denied access by the server for making too many rapid requests. I have no idea how to remedy this issue. If you have any ideas please let me know.

Release Notes

Please see HISTORY.rdoc file in source.


Copyright (c) 2008 Rubyworks

VCLog is distributable in accordance with the terms of the FreeBSD license.

See COPYING.rdoc for details.

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