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1.2.1 | 2011-10-27

Add missing QED.rdoc file, so it will show up in YARD docs.


  • Add QED.rdoc to gem.

1.2.0 | 2011-10-26

Converting Hashes with 'url' for a key are treated completely as `a` tags. Before they were converted into `a` tags and `dl` tags for any “left over” keys. This release also modernizes the build configuraiton.


  • Hashes with 'url' keys are ONLY `a` tags.

  • Use XOXO::Assoc to keep definition lists in order if possible.

  • Modernize build configuration.

1.1.0 | 2011-05-05

This release improves how the library handles Struct objects and general Object instances. The previous release applied #to_s to these objects, which usually led to the turning a inspection string into an XOXO document, which is certainly not the desired effect. This release extracts the member attributes into a hash and converts this hash to XOXO.


  • Convert Struct and general Object instances properly.

  • Add QED documentation.

1.0.0 | 2009-07-06

This is essentially the XOXO library written Christian Neukirchen. While the library has been distributed as part of Facets for some time, there is no separate gem avaialbe for it. So this then is that stand-alone release. It differs from the original only in that it provides #to_xoxo.


  • Happy Birthday!