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0.7.0 / 2013-02-12

New major release uses the new major release of TomParse. So there you go. Oh, it improves class parsing for Return sections too. That's all.


  • Upgrade TomParse requirement to 0.4.0+.
  • Imporove class parsing for return tags.

0.6.0 / 2013-01-22

This new major release adds support for most YARD tags thanks to TomParse's new support of tag markers. It also fixes a few annoying bugs, such a options parsing and multi-line paragraph descriptions.


  • Add support for most YARD tags.
  • Fix support for option hashes.
  • Fix support for multi-paragraph descriptions.

0.5.0 / 2012-06-14

Version 0.8.0 of YARD broke the yard-tomdoc plugin. After some discussion with Loren Segal, the developer of YARD, he decided that a new API was needed for plugins like yard-tomdoc. So YARD 0.8.1 was born. This release takes advantage of the new API. If you are using the latest and greatest version of YARD, you need to upgrade to yard-tomdoc 0.5+ too.


  • Improved support for YARD 0.8.1+.
  • Support multiple versions of YARD in a nice way.
  • Use @api private tag instead of @private for Internal status.
  • Add support for YARD version 0.8+.
  • Fixes for Internal and Deprecated marks.
  • Fix error for 'Deprecated' description
  • Fix Issue #3, Error for 'Internal' description.

0.4.0 / 2012-03-04

This major release now uses tomparse gem for parsing TomDoc, instead of the tomdoc gem. This library only handles parsing and none of the other features than the tomdoc gem provides, so it is more suited to yard-tomdoc's needs. In addition, support for the latest TomDoc specification are included in this release.


  • Use tomparse gem for parsing TomDoc.
  • Improve support for TomDoc features.

0.3.1 | 2011-11-10

This release simply modernizes the build configuration and adds an systems test. Functionally it has not changed.


  • Modernize the build configuration.
  • Add systems test and integrate Travis CI.

0.3.0 | 2011-06-08

Okay,looks like tomdoc is ready to handle the dependency. If there are any problems with this there is a fallback plugin, tomdoc-intern.


  • Depend on tomdoc proper.
  • Add fallback yard-tomdoc-intern.rb

0.2.1 | 2011-05-23

There is an as-of-yet undetermined issue with running yard-tomdoc under Ruby 1.9. By depending on an internal copy of TomDoc's TomDoc class we are able to avoid the problem. So, for now we are removing the dependency on the tomdoc gem until this is fully resolved.


  • Remove dependency on tomdoc.
  • Require internal copy of tomdoc/tomdoc.rb.

0.2.0 | 2011-05-22

This is first packaged release of YARD-TomDoc. Some minor improvements have been made from the original version and the project now actually depends on the tomdoc library.


  • Depend on tomdoc library.
  • Support YARD's method return object.
  • Fix args issues when missing section.
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