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Releases: ruckstack/ruckstack


01 Jun 06:07
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Dev Mode bugfixes

For more information, see the official announcement

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04 May 06:25
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Version 1.1.0 adds "Dev Mode" + "Ops Application". Already useful, but just a taste of what they will become across the next few releases.

For more information, see the official announcement

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08 Mar 07:21
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We made it! 1.0.0!!

Ended up with more changes than expected since 0.10.0, some good things to get in.

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29 Dec 07:50
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Hopefully the last release to go before 1.0! I could call this an RC, who's counting?

The goal of this release is to wrap up the last remaining features.

  • Cleaner server shutdown
  • Improved SSL Management
  • Shipping docker images from
  • Container layer caching

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05 Dec 08:40
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Prior versions were all about proving out the idea, and now that we've proven it works it's time to clean it up and get it across the 1.0 line.
That means going through the entire codebase and ensuring it will be maintainable going forward, well tested, and working like we want.

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02 Aug 05:12
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Fixed a problem with how paths are handled when building on Windows


01 Aug 05:55
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There was an issue with fresh server installs, where they would not start correctly. Definitely worth a patch release.

We also handled a less major problem where the server strangely didn’t start on deeply nested paths due to Linux socket filename length limitations.


17 May 06:02
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Ruckstack v0.8.0

This release focused on adding user-friendly server management commands as an alternative to kubectl.

You can now run

  • system-control logs
  • system-control status
  • system-control service restart

to perform the most commonly needed system management functions.

We also upgraded to k3s 1.18 which resolved the issue with helm charts in 0.7.0. Happy Helming!


For the full list of changes, see


09 Apr 05:26
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Ruckstack v0.7.0

The focus for this release has been cluster support. You can now add additional nodes to your cluster via the installer + the "cluster add-node" command. For more information, see the blog.

Known issues

There is a bug in how k3s is handling helm chart upgrades, so stick to manifest services for now.

Next Steps

With clustering support in place, all the "big rocks" I've been planning for v1.0 are in place.

There is still a lot of cleanup to do on output, usability, and testing so be watching for that. But, most importantly I need to get the word out and improve the documentation.


For the full list of issues fixed, see


03 Mar 06:49
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Ruckstack v0.6.0

The focus for the 0.6.0 release has been:

  1. Support for helm-based services
  2. Improved "Server ready" monitoring
  3. Bugfixes

Support for Helm-based services

The 0.5.0 release allowed for services to be defined as custom docker containers, but that requires you to create and configure those services.
Part of what makes Kubernetes nice is the ecosystem of pre-built Helm packages that let you rapidly build up your infrastructure.

Version 0.6.0 adds a new "helm" type to the project config so you can easily incorporate 3rd party services into your stack.

We also added commands to the Ruckstack CLI to search and find available charts.

Improved Server Ready monitoring

Ruckstack provides built in health metrics and service restarting, but there are still times your application is not quite ready to serve traffic.
The front-end webserver tracks the state of your system and provides a friendly "starting" page when it is not ready. The code behind this has been improved
and the logging has been cleaned up.

General Bugfixes

Surprise! There were bugs in the initial code release. I found some and squished them.