A complete docker package for deploying django
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Deploy Django using Nginx and Postgresql

An example project from this tutorial: http://ruddra.com/2016/08/14/docker-django-nginx-postgres/. It also contains implementation from this blog too: http://ruddra.com/2016/11/02/serve-static-files-by-nginx-from-django-using-docker/

To use this project, run this commands:

  1. make up to build the project and starting containers.
  2. make build to build the project.
  3. make start to start containers if project has been up already.
  4. make stop to stop containers.
  5. make shell-web to shell access web container.
  6. make shell-db to shell access db container.
  7. make shell-nginx to shell access nginx container.
  8. make logs-web to log access web container.
  9. make logs-db to log access db container.
  10. make logs-nginx to log access nginx container.
  11. make collectstatic to put static files in static directory.

Relevent Blogs:

  1. Deploy Django, Gunicorn, NGINX, Postgresql using Docker
  2. Serve Static Files by Nginx from Django using Docker
  3. Docker: Use Celery in Django(Redis as Broker)