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Deploy Django using Nginx, Celery, Redis and Postgresql with Docker

A boilerplate to deploy Django with cool stuff. Also serves as an example project from these tutorial:

  1. Deploy Django, Gunicorn, NGINX, Postgresql using Docker
  2. Serve Static Files by Nginx from Django using Docker
  3. Docker: Use Celery in Django(Redis as Broker)

Where it is described how this boilerplate was created from scratch so that you can build your own.

Basic Usage

  1. First run make build inside root directory.
  2. Then run make up to start up the project for first time.

Checkout the commands section for more usage.


A default Django project resides in src directory. So, when you start the project, you will see the following screen in 8000 port:

Demo One

Also when you access the django container log via make log-web, you will see the following:

Demo Two


To use this project, run this commands:

  1. make up to build the project and starting containers.
  2. make build to build the project.
  3. make start to start containers if project has been up already.
  4. make stop to stop containers.
  5. make shell-web to shell access web container.
  6. make shell-db to shell access db container.
  7. make shell-nginx to shell access nginx container.
  8. make logs-web to log access web container.
  9. make logs-db to log access db container.
  10. make logs-nginx to log access nginx container.
  11. make collectstatic to put static files in static directory.
  12. make log-web to log access web container.
  13. make log-db to log access db container.
  14. make log-nginx to log access nginx container.
  15. make restart to restart containers.