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  1. Navigate to folder in data_raw
  2. Add code to read in CSV/similar to process_data_sets_*.R and give DATA_SET_NAME
  • Clean data set if needed
  1. Open if exists in folder
  2. Open Meta tab to Data to feed R pkg documentation Google Sheet and add DATA_SET_NAME to DATA_SET_NAME column
  • Copy TITLE and LINK from
  • Get nrow(DATA_SET_NAME) and ncol(DATA_SET_NAME) and copy into NUM_ROWS and NUM_COLS columns
  • Determine OBSUNIT and fill in column
  • Find source in or look over article linked at
  1. Add DATA_SET_NAME to DATA_SET_NAME column in Variables data tab of Data to feed R pkg documentation Google Sheet
  • Run get_names <- function(x) {cat(names(x), sep = "\n")}; get_names(x) with x = DATA_SET_NAME
  • Copy values into VARNAME column
  • Copy md table from into VAR_DESC_FULL
  • VAR_DESC is automatically created using Excel formula: =IF(C2="","", TRIM(RIGHT(C2,LEN(C2)-FIND("|",C2) - 1)))
  1. Source data-raw/create_doc.R
  2. Run devtools::use_data(DATA_FRAME, overwrite = TRUE) code to create Rdata file in process_data_sets_*.R
  3. Build & Reload package using Command + Shift + B (on Mac)
  • Also creates R documentation if settings checked