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title: "User-Contributed Vignettes"
author: "Chester Ismay"
date: "`r Sys.Date()`"
df_print: kable
vignette: |
%\VignetteIndexEntry{User-Contributed Vignettes}
Due to CRAN space limitations on packages, user-contributed vignettes that walk through different analyses using the data sets in the `fivethirtyeight` package are linked below in this "vignette of vignettes." You can find both the R Markdown file needed to generate the file and also a link to the HTML vignette on the package website at <>. The vignette title links to the HTML version and the (Rmd) immediately following links to the R Markdown source. We encourage others to share their analyses using the `fivethirtyeight` data sets.
The developmental version of the package stored on GitHub contains all of the vignettes so if you'd like to build the package locally, first install the [`remotes` package]( and then install the package via
```{r install, eval=FALSE}
# install.packages("remotes")
remotes::install_github("rudeboybert/fivethirtyeight", build_vignettes = TRUE)
## Analyses
- [Looking at the Biopics of Hollywood]( by Pradeep Adhokshaja [(Rmd)](
- [Bob Ross - Joy of Painting]( by Jonathan Bouchet [(Rmd)](
- [Gender in Comic Books]( by Jonathan Bouchet [(Rmd)](
- [2015 NBA player predictions analysis using the `tidyverse`]( by G. Elliott Morris (with support from Chester Ismay) [(Rmd)](
- [How Many Fucks Does Tarantino Give?]( by Olivia Barrows, Jojo Miller, and Jayla Nakayama [(Rmd)](
- [Trump Twitter analysis using the `tidyverse`]( by Adam Spannbauer (with support from Jennifer Chunn) [(Rmd)](