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Low-effort literate programming in Emacs. Create org or markdown documents from source code.
Emacs Lisp
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Low-cost Literate Programming

I’ve long been a fan of pbook, converts a buffer containing source code into a marked-up LaTeX document. But the implementation was a bit crufty and not easy to customize, so I never used it as much as I would have liked. Recently I stumbled upon [], where Luke replaces the whole program with a sed one-liner. rs-pbook is an implementation of his approach, surrounding the global search-and-replace with a bit of Emacs comfort (auto-handling comment prefixes, making the output format extensible, creating a buffer with a proper filename, etc.).

How to use it

Write your source code as usual, sprinkling it with top-level comments beginning in column 0. These comments will be converted to text, everything else becomes code blocks.

M-x rs-pbook creates a buffer in org or markdown format. Use this to create pdf or html, browse on screen, or print it out and read on the bus. Hope it is useful!

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