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It seems to me like the regular expression on line 48 that's checking…

… to see whether a stylesheet's HREF is external or not doesn't correctly identify "protocol-less" network-path references as being external. For instance, suppose I'm including some YUI CSS file from Google's CDN (and I want to fetch it using whatever protocol the page was delivered in), in my LINK tag, I would set the HREF to this: "//"

Respond.js erroneously thinks this is a local file and adds it to the requestQueue. When I include this on a page in IE7, I see an "Access is denied" error on the page.

I believe my updated regular expression correctly treats network-path references as external while still treating everything else the same (though I would love to have other people take a look at it and make sure).
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1 parent 0067db6 commit e71c454aff27b321c2b7bab3743c31c5544faaf1 @rudidude86 committed Oct 27, 2011
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@@ -45,7 +45,7 @@
translate( sheet.styleSheet.rawCssText, href, media );
parsedSheets[ href ] = true;
} else {
- if( !/^([a-zA-Z]+?:(\/\/)?)/.test( href )
+ if( !/^(([a-zA-Z]+:)?(\/\/))/.test( href )
|| href.replace( RegExp.$1, "" ).split( "/" )[0] === ){
requestQueue.push( {
href: href,

1 comment on commit e71c454

dmce commented on e71c454 Dec 30, 2011

I found this stopped the access denied error but my media query styles/sheets didnt influence the page

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